Bitcoin Cash Cannot Use “bcc” Since It Belongs To Bitconnectcoin

5 Aug 2017.

The Cryptonator app was using BCH, but recently changed over to BCC. Some form.

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BCC is Bitconnect Coin on some exchanges. It's okay, it's.

2009 Bitcoin Address holder signs message calling for on-chain scaling and condemns censorship.

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RIP BCC Down 90%! Bitconnect Coin Price Live - Road to $0.008 Feb 2018.

You can not unless you also have the same BTC address as BCC address. Basically you need the private key for the address you sent it to.

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Bitconnect Coin (BCC) had to be paid in Bitcoin. This was most likely due to the fact that cash purchases are easier to trace as opposed to purchases using Bitcoin or.

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takes your BitCoin and converts it into BitConnect Coin and you earn interest and.

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25 Jul 2017.

With the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork, there is a significant problem which may set BCC back. The currency cannot use the BCC ticker,

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