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QuickBooks + Bitcoin: So excited! – Blockpath just published the 1st crypto app in the QuickBooks app store! Close.

21 Nov 2018.

Let's discuss how to integrate Bitcoin into your QuickBooks Online account. Here are a couple methods you can choose from: Home Currency.

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22 Mar 2018.

QuickBooks Crypto Advantages. Support Via Foreign Currency Function – You can now add 3 of the most popular cryptocurrencies as foreign.

Accounting for Bitcoins with QuickBooks OnlineFrom there, within a few months, they had announced Quickbooks Online Support for integrating Bitcoin payments into their platform. It has been long known that custom payment methods and custom currency mapping can be integrated into quickbooks. The complicating issue is that you cannot denominate all accounting in terms of BTC – everything had to be denominated in a ‘home base currency’.

Blockpath automatically calculates and places your capital gains into QuickBooks in a parent income account named ‘Crypto Capital G/L’. Bitcoin held for less than one year is placed into a sub-account named ‘Crypto Capital G/L – Short Term’, while gains from longer than one year are placed into ‘Crypto Capital G/L – Long Term’.

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The company first filed the patent in 2014, shortly after it launched its QuickBooks Bitcoin Payments service, a bitcoin transaction processor which small businesses could use to accept bitcoin in.

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