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The price of bitcoin dropped slightly Monday following the “halving” of the cryptocurrency, with some bitcoin miners reported to be quitting the business because of lower rewards. The bitcoin halving,

11 Dec 2017.

With a price that approached $20000 this week, here's our best shot at explaining why the cryptocurrency has been soaring all year. CNBC.

1 Nov 2018.

Less than two years after it had been trading under $1, Bitcoin surged to more than $100 in the spring of 2013. CNBC's panel discussed the.

12 Mar 2020.

Bitcoin plunges, as cryptocurrency's futures have worst-ever day. With CNBC's Brian Sullivan and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Brian.

Palihapitiya thinks Bezos is a better investor than Buffett because Amazon hasn’t repurchased as much of its own stock.

Morgan Creek’s CEO said Bitcoin could fly past $100,000 over the next year or so. CEO of capital management giant Morgan.

Who Is Bitcoin Inventor Fascination and enthusiasm for Bitcoin is running red-hot. And it’s not hard to see why. On the pretext of pandemic panic, 8 Mar 2020. The true identity of the creator of Bitcoin is one of the biggest mysteries in the modern world. Over the years many theories have popped up. 28 Aug 2019. An even

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Billionaire hedge fund investor Paul Tudor Jones: Bitcoin is a 'great speculation'19 Dec 2019.

Fundstrat's Tom Lee on what to expect for markets in 2020. With CNBC's Brian Sullivan and the Fast Money traders, Pete Najarian, Brian Kelly,

25 May 2018.

Crypto Insider Believes Regulation Is Bullish For Bitcoin | CNBC. 15K views. 211. 23. Share. Save. Report. CNBC. 1.39M subscribers.

26 May 2017.

Adam White, Coinbase vice president, weighs in on what's likely driving the prices of bitcoin higher. "» Subscribe to CNBC.

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