Sek Currency Chart. Bitcoin To Swedish Krona Rates

When it comes to Forex trading strategies, it goes without saying that there are dozens of different techniques available for traders.

For some people interested in trading the Forex market might seem a complicated place, full of unknown terms and strategies.

The SEC has not made up its mind regarding bitcoin ETFs but Americans now have the option of investing in a bitcoin ETN listed in Sweden. Even as regulatory authorities in the country make up their minds about bitcoin ETFs, U.S. investors interested in investing in related products now have the opti

The price of October WTI continues to trade broadly sideways in the $42-$43.50 range. It has progressed sufficiently for the contract to flirt with its 200-day moving average (~$43.15) without the.

Japanese lawmakers voted on Wednesday to regulate all virtual currencies, meaning that bitcoin other digital money will now fall under the purview of the country’s Financial Services Agency.  Regulating virtual currency will make it easier for governments to respond to events like last year’s collap

Judging by the properties a currency needs to thrive, Bitcoin stacks up well against its rivals. Bitcoin may be the “it” currency right now, but, truth is, people have used all sorts of odd things to buy and sell goods, from bones to gold to tulips to Deutsche Marks. The question is, will Bitcoin la

The Ultimate Motherboard For Mining Bitcoin Australian shares are set to rise as US markets continued to push for another record high, boosted by technology stocks. BTC/USD is currently trading at $10,689 after another leg down following the weakness of the U.S. stock market which also had a red day. ETH/USD is trying to hold the crucial $400 support level and

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