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s.version = "0.1.0" + s.version = "0.1.1" s.author = "Scott Chacon" s.email = " [email protected]" s.summary = "A simple gem for using Git in Ruby code.

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CI/CD Assets VSCode Extension Release 0.1.016 Oct 2019.

Proprietary package publisher to the GitHub index repository.

You want to add a version 0.1.0 of your foo-bar package, that lives in.

Repo provider for the GitHub service. config c.GitHubRepoProvider. access_token = Unicode(''). GitHub access token for authentication with the GitHub API.

Terraform Registry. GitHub. Bitbucket. Generic Git, Mercurial repositories. HTTP URLs.

module "consul" { source = "hashicorp/consul/aws" version = "0.1.0" }.

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16 Apr 2016.

git pull origin master; From github.com:inanzzz/gitflow; * branch master ->.

git flow release start 0.1.0; Switched to a new branch 'release/0.1.0'.

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