Bobby Lee Confirms Btcc Pool Will Drop Bitcoin In Favor Of

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02/11/2017  · Bitcoin News Bobby Lee Confirms BTCC Pool Will Drop Bitcoin In Favor of SegWit2x After the Hard Fork JP Buntinx · November 2, 2017 · 8:21 pm

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Halving 2020: Bobby Lee on Bitcoin in China & $100K BTCBobby Lee. Bobby Lee, CEO of BTCC, an exchange and major mining pool (about 9% of hashrate), urging people not to jump to conclusions about the long-standing debate about the size of block, offering a typical Chinese approach: "wait and see". He was commenting the question about whether BTCC supports the compromise solution of simultaneous increase of the maximum block size to 2MB and.

Bitcoin News Bobby Lee Confirms BTCC Pool Will Drop Bitcoin In Favor of SegWit2x After the Hard Fork. Bobby Lee has always been an interesting individual in the world of cryptocurrency.

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