Terms of Service

Please carefully read this Terms and Conditions of Service for ICO Participation (the “T&C”) before participating in EvoChain ICO by buying EvoChain tokens (the “ECHO”) and/or using EvoChain platform.


1.1. “Agreement” means the following T&C stipulated, agreed and entered into between Processing EvoChain Inc. (the “EvoChain” or “Company”), which is an ECHO token issuer and owner of EvoChain platform designed to utilize Blockchain assets and you (the “User”) and individual or entity that uses ECHO. Company can change this T&C at any time and by using ECHO you accept any updates or changes.

1.2. “Blockchain” means type of distributed ledger, comprised of unchangeable, digitally recorded, data in packages called blocks;

1.3. “ECHO” means cryptographic utility tokens, which will be created by EvoChain smart contracts;

1.4. “Ether” means cryptocurrency used within Ethereum to accept contributions for ECHO;

1.5. “Initial Coin Offering” or “ICO” means a restricted initial coin offering by EvoChain to eligible User regarding purchase of ECHO.

1.6. “Smart Contract” means an ERC20 contract address holding objects on the Ethereum Blockchain

1.7. “Website” means evochain.io maintained and operated by the Company;


2.1. This Agreement is legally binding between User, on the one part, and the Company, on the other part, also individually referred to as a “Party” and collectively as the “Parties”.

2.2. This Agreement define basic mutual rights and obligations of the Company and the User, either registered or just visiting certain pages of the Website, during their use of the Website, including but without limitation, for the purpose of buying the ECHO Tokens.

2.3. User shall not use the Website if it is prohibited under the applicable law. Any User that is in any manner limited or prohibited from the purchase, possession, transfer, use or other transaction involving any amount of ECHO under the applicable law should not access this Website and is prohibited accessing, referencing, engaging, or otherwise using this Website.

2.4. This Agreement sets out terms and conditions for participation in pre-ICO, ICO and usage of ECHO.


3.1. EvoChain is an online cryptocurrency for VISA swap platform using Ethereum blockchain technology, which solves the key obstacles inhabiting the spending of cryptocurrency today, namely avoiding payment processing issues for businesses that do not accept crypto.

3.2. EvoChain will operate on Ethereum blockchain smart contracts and will introduce a new cryptocurrency called a “ECHO”. Using Ethereum smart contract EvoChain will make intercompatible blockchains smart invoices possible, as well as crypto swaps for VISA Debit eGift Cards for a low fee.


4.1. ECHO Tokens are available for purchase to eligible buyers only during the period of pre-ICO and ICO set out herein.

4.2. During the whole ICO including Pre-ICO period, the Company releases limited amount – 322.5 million of ECHO tokens into the market. Of these 322.5 million 96% will be sold out during the ICO. Price of one ECHO token is a subject to change depending on the period of buying. The number of the EvoChain ECHO Tokens allowed for purchase by one User is not limited. The ECHO will be Ethereum-based cryptographic tokens of value.

4.3. EvoChain tokens allow Users to swap crpytocurrencies on the EvoChain platform as well it can be used as a investment asset which has a potential to grow and be exchanged for a higher price at the later stage of the project


5.1. You should peruse, comprehend and carefully consider or seek legal advice as to the risks described below in addition to the other information stated in this Agreement, the Whitepaper, the Website or elsewhere before deciding to participate in the ICO. Participating in the ICO will be deemed as you having accepted all the risks outlined in this Agreement.

5.2. EvoChain shall not be responsible for any losses User may have face at this stage or any time later.


6.1. The Website and the ECHO tokens are provided on an “as is” basis and without any warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied.

6.2. By participating in this ICO, the User agrees to the T&C and in particular warrants that:

6.2.1. that his/her funds in no way came from illegal or unethical sources, that the User is not using any proceeds or criminal or illegal activity, and that no transaction involving ECHO tokens are being used to facilitate any criminal or illegal activity;

6.2.2. is of an age of majority to enter into this Agreement, meet all other eligibility and residency requirements, are an accredited investor if residing in the United States and are fully able and legally competent to enter into the terms, conditions, obligations, affirmations, representations, and warranties set forth herein and to abide by and comply herewith;

6.2.3. is aware of all the merits, risks and any restrictions associated with cryptographic tokens (their buying and use), cryptocurrencies and Blockchain-based systems, as well as you know how to manage them, and you are solely responsible for any evaluations based on such your knowledge;

6.2.4. has necessary and relevant experience and knowledge to deal with cryptographic tokens, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain-based systems, as well as you have full understanding of their framework;

6.2.5. is responsible for ensuring that he/she complies completely with its own local, national, state or country laws concerning participation in ICO or/and usage of ECHO tokens. Company will not be responsible for any transactions in territories where such activities are deemed illegal.

6.2.6. is not acting for the purpose of speculative investment;

6.2.7. Is solely responsible for determining whether the acquisition of ECHO is appropriate for him/her


7.1. The pages of the Website may contain links to third-party websites and services. Such links are provided for your convenience, but their presence does not mean that they are recommended by EvoChain. In addition, EvoChain does not guarantee their safety and conformity with any user expectations. Furthermore, we are not responsible for maintaining any materials referenced from another site, and makes no warranties for that site or this service in such context.

7.2. EvoChain assumes no obligations in the event of any damage or loss, or any other impact, directly or indirectly resulting from the use of any content, goods or services available on or through any such third-party websites and resources.


8.1. To the extent that copyright or other intellectual property rights exist in the EvoChain platform and/or Website, such as software, know-how, analysis or programs, those copyrights and other intellectual and industrial rights belong to the Company.


9.1. EvoChain, as well as its officers, directors, agents, joint ventures, employees and suppliers, assumes no liability or responsibility for any loss arising out of or related to the use of the EvoChain platform or any technical, interruption or malfunction of the platform.

9.2. You acknowledge that participating in the ICO, purchasing and/or using ECHO involves risk and you will not hold the Company accountable for any gains and losses that you incur as a result.


10.1. This Agreement is a subject to and governed by United States law.

10.2. Any disagreements or disputes of the User and the Company, arising from this Agreement, shall be settled by negotiations between the parties. In case the agreement is not reached within 30 (thirty) days, it shall be settled by the competent court of the United States.

10.3. The Company reserves the right to change the jurisdiction of the Company and this Agreement at any time at its own discretion.